Letters to the Editor

Economy: Retro tips to college students won’t pay the bills

Re: “Don’t let the negativity get you down, kids,” (TNT, 9/8).

Congratulations to TNT columnist Bill Virgin for his oh-so-helpful career advice to young people. Basically it boils down to this:

Learn spelling and grammar. Be punctual, dependable, and polite. Do a good job.

Magically find the (unnamed) technologies and educational opportunities that will get you ahead. Magically find the many (unnamed) market opportunities (the ones which don’t require any start-up capital), and start your own company. And mostly, wait for old people to die so you can have their jobs.

I heartily agree with Virgin’s choice not to mention the 40-year trends of wealth inequality, wage suppression, union suppression, outsourcing, benefit takeaways, skyrocketing housing and college costs, and his blithe dismissal of “automation, artificial intelligence, and China.”

Wow. With brilliant advice like this, how could any young person possibly not succeed?

Why should young people clutter their pretty little heads with reality?

One question: Does Virgin enjoy living in 1958?

Michael Thompson, Tacoma