Letters to the Editor

Israel: Mudslinging against nation goes on and on

Re: “Israel’s violent record must not be glossed over,” (TNT letter, 8/29).

The letter writer echoes the world media’s mudslinging against Israel. The Jewish nation has often agreed to share the land with Arabs and forge peace. But Palestinians have refused every U.N. proposal.

They have an ongoing partnership with terrorist groups Hamas and Hezbollah, which have publicly stated their aim to completely obliterate Israel.

Yes, Israel has targeted civilians. That’s because Hamas’ standard practice is to conduct its military operations from schools, hospitals and other civilian sites. That way, when Israel’s citizens die from rocket attacks and the nation fights back, the world will denounce it, as this letter writer did.

Does Israel have the right to defend itself? It has been under perpetual attack by Arab nations and organizations since the Holocaust.

Has it been aggressive and unreasonable at times? Yes. But Israel’s many critics should try thinking with perfect clarity about what it’s like to be embroiled in a decades-long war.

Douglas Abbott, Lake Tapps