Letters to the Editor

Immunization: I’m poster child for why to get shots

Re: “Hundreds of kids on notice to get MMR vaccine, find a new exemption or stay out of class,” (TNT, 9/8).

For reasons neither medical nor religious, my parents did not believe in vaccinations. Consequently, during grade school (1952-1960) and high school (1961-1964) I contracted:

* Mumps: Every swallow hurt a lot! Mumps can also cause sterility in males.

* Whooping cough: Uncontrollable spasms of forced coughing overwhelmed me. Dry vomiting frequently occurred.

* Chicken pox: Itching red blisters erupted on my face. My mother coated them with pink Calamine lotion. Depending on your skin’s propensity to scar, chicken pox can cause deep, ugly lifetime scars.

* Measles: Three kinds. At that time, they were called the Three-Day, the Red, and the German. Fever in all degrees accompanied all three kinds.

I missed days of classes and failed tests when I returned to school. But this was decades ago.

Parents, it is now 2019. Why are you risking the lives of your children? Have them vaccinated to prevent dangerous, contagious childhood diseases. Or do you plan to stay home and care for them?

Barb Fleck, Tacoma