Letters to the Editor

Border: Trump’s wall need not stop defense projects

Re: “Border wall cash grab hits close to home,” (TNT, 9/12).

Your editorial begs the question about the need for a wall at the southern border. Some who wish to enter the U.S. are legitimate. Many, though, falsely fabricate “families” and other illegal means to get drugs, dangerous gangs and human traffickers into the country.

I personally visited the Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument in Arizona near the Mexican border several years ago and was not allowed to get near the border line due to violence on U.S. soil. The situation now is much worse.

I’m quite sure the military projects listed in your editorial will serve a good purpose for U.S. security. Why not ask Senators Murray and Cantwell and Rep. Kilmer to petition Democrat leaders to simply propose spending the $7 billion or so for the wall?

Is their hate for President Trump more than their love for security?

Surely most of us wish Trump could be more polite with tweets. But like Generals Patton, Grant and others, he’s a fighter. We need a fighter.

Curt Anderson, Tacoma