Letters to the Editor

Terrorism: Real destruction is coming from within

This month we remembered the terrible terrorist attacks of 2001.

Afterward, President George W. Bush created the Homeland Security Department to prevent another one of these horrible attacks. There has not been much in the news that similar attacks have been planned and prevented.

But what has been in the news almost weekly are mass shootings: at Sandy Hook Elementary in 2012, Charleston in 2015, a Florida high school in 2018, Las Vegas in 2018, then Pittsburgh, then El Paso, then Dayton, then ...?

Ho hum and it goes on. Hardly any of these shooters were foreigners; most were white American citizens. So where is the threat?

We are doing a great job destroying ourselves from within. Our government is in chaos. Our president tweets this today and that tomorrow. The divisions in Congress prevent any viable compromises so that nothing of consequence gets done, whether immigration, health or gun policy.

And we wishfully think it all will go away?

Karin Morris, Tacoma