Letters to the Editor

Gun violence: Four steps to less bloodshed

Re: “Victims’ loved ones voice anguish as they march for cease-fire of gang violence,” (TNT, 9/15).

To those people marching in Tacoma, you should be demanding that the courts, politicians, prosecutors and the governor crack down on the following:

* Career criminals. Most crime is committed by a relatively few individuals. Take them off the street and it will reduce crime.

* Drugs. A lot of criminal activity, from burglary and theft to murder, is drug related. Crack down on pushers and get help for users.

* Undocumented immigrants. A lot of them belong to some kind of gang. Secure the border and arrest and deport them.

* People who make, enforce and prosecute the laws. Make sure the Pierce County prosecutor does not become a copy of King County’s.

The NRA and law-abiding gun owners are not the threat and never have been. If those four steps are followed, you will see a decrease in crime.

Donald Fehling, Lakewood