Letters to the Editor

Trump: His fight against fuel efficiency is shameless

Donald Trump has again demonstrated that he is not only an unfit but also a dangerous president.

He and his corrupted Justice Department have abused anti-trust laws by challenging an effort by California and major automobile manufacturers to reduce greenhouse gasses.

By agreeing to improve engine efficiency to 51 miles per gallon by 2026 – close to the 54.5 MPG by 2025 that was proposed by President Obama, but higher that the 37 MPG required by Trump – they have offended the president.

Trump has needlessly required auto makers to do less for the environment to fight global warming even though they are willing to do more.

And because they have, by doing so, disagreed with his resistance to fight global warming, he has ordered the full power of the taxpayer-funded DOJ to punish them.

Trump again has put his ego and pride above the welfare of Americans, indeed the world, and shamelessly displayed his narcissistic personality disorder. He is a real danger to humankind.

Francis Nakamoto, Gig Harbor