Letters to the Editor

Nationalism: Trump topped by Democratic congresswomen

The Squad – aka Congresswomen Rashida Tlaib, Ilhan Omar, Ayanna Pressley and Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez – is often attacked for being unpatriotic.

When America wrongs someone or a people, one should be angry at America. But when America’s survival is at stake, one should be nationalistic.

The Squad is nationalistic in its politics toward Israel. On this issue President Trump does not put America first.

The Squad’s harshness towards Israel is necessary. There is no way Israel will settle the Palestinian issue without harshness from America. It will just continue its policy of establishing a Greater Israel contrary to America’s vital interests.

The Squad’s socialism is also necessary. Capitalism has proven to be inept at dealing with social problems. Unless these problems are dealt with, they will lead to a revolution or a Holocaust. Again, America’s vital interests are at stake.

Even though the Squad will probably not help the Democrats win in 2020, its influence is vital for America.

Dale McCracken, Lakewood