Letters to the Editor

Clean water: EPA repeal puts us at risk of shortage

Re: “EPA plans to repeal 2015 clean water rules,” (TNT, 9/13).

This article speaks mostly of salt-free, clean, potentially potable water. It is estimated that only 2% of earth’s water is fresh. America may soon be competing with other countries for it.

Nestle, the world’s largest food company, informed Washington, D.C. that the financial crisis of 2008-2009 was nothing compared to the water crisis and subsequent food insecurity around the world.

Saudi Arabia severely diminished its water reserves in its deep aquifers and by 2008 it got the OK from D.C. to buy 15 square miles of Arizona desert to grow water-intensive alfalfa for dairy cows.

China has a similar shortage of water and food and has become financially involved with America’s Smithfield Foods since 2013 to harvest hogs. China lacks the aquifer reserves needed to grow the grain used in fattening its own hogs.

Do we really need to possibly pollute a scarce resource that keeps us alive?

Tom Bookout, Ruston