Letters to the Editor

Gang violence: Another reason to fund schools adequately

Like all Tacoma residents, I am concerned with the rising crime rate, especially during a time when the city is growing by leaps and bounds.

I understand crime is a complicated matter involving policing, laws, mental health and drug issues. But I find it interesting that some days the TNT lays out issues with our schools – articles about cutting staff, cutting back on recess, large class sizes and discipline issues – alongside reports of teenage gang members involved in shootings.

At my daughter’s middle school, the principal said there were about 60 kids who shouldn’t be in school due to extreme behavior issues, but there was nowhere else for them to go for services.

Funding and supporting schools adequately won’t solve everything, but it’s a good start to provide for our most vulnerable youth before they fall prey to the streets.

Marcy Rodenborn, Tacoma