Letters to the Editor

Car tabs: Even owning a modest RV is out of reach

If I saved all my disposable income for years to buy a worn out Ferrari, I still couldn’t buy it because the yearly license fee would be unsupportable on of my means. And that is just in King County. It is deplorably worse in Pierce County.

The fee structure is tantamount to Marie Antoinette saying, “if they don’t have bread; let them eat cake,” and is skewed to favor the rich.

The state and county tab structure completely strikes down the work ethic and bootstrap ideology of our country. Now, we have the Sound Transit tax, which has made me unable to afford a modest older RV.

In the 1980s, letters to the editor were bullying to build more freeways. The vociferous wanted nothing to do with mass transit, and the City Council and state caved to such short-sighted, self-serving pressure.

Now Portland has an admirable light-rail system and we have nothing but greedy, lying politicians who are looking to financially abuse the public for their spineless, feckless non-public interest acts of the past!

And yes, I own an emission-free electric car, which is still tab penalized as though I were rich.

Dane Burt, Tacoma