Letters to the Editor

Background checks: Kinder, gentler sentencing causes problems

There are other reasons why “bad” people can legally pass gun background checks – for instance, a change in attitude about how people who violate laws should be treated.

More and more we read that violators are receiving reduced sentences. Sentences for felonies are being reduced. Criminal records of juveniles are expunged when they become adults. Sentences for jail time exceeding a year or more are reduced to less than a year or eliminated completely to probation.

All of this kinder and gentler sentencing and sealing of records allows really “bad” people to fly under the radar of criminal background checks. This lets them purchase and possess weapons they should never be allowed to have.

What could possibly be the harm in including in a sentence that the individual cannot ever purchase or possess a gun, regardless of reduced sentencing or sealed juvenile records?

Just as we have a “three strikes” law that keep individuals in prison for life, why can’t we establish a similar law that would prevent individuals with lengthy minor criminal records from purchasing or possessing weapons?

Shouldn’t the future protection of society be a consideration when sentencing is rendered?

Kenneth Severe, Lakewood