Letters to the Editor

Pierce County: Leaders must invest in sustainable future

Re: “Tacoma dedicates $3 million a year to sustainability. Pierce County? That’s another story,” (TNT, 9/29).

County Executive Bruce Dammeier touts his budget as putting public safety first, but he refuses to provide necessary oversight at the Planning and Public Works department to ensure county policies lead to a safer, sustainable future.

A changing climate threatens public safety, not to mention Pierce County’s economy.

Dammeier is content to leave the department rudderless. Leadership accountable to conserving our public benefits — clean air, healthy water and soils, access to nature and recreation, viable and safe transportation — is desperately needed.

Failures in public infrastructure due to extreme weather events, failure to protect our vulnerable communities, and being ill-prepared for more frequent fires and floods will condemn this county to a failing economy.

We need farsighted land-use planning instead of the current piecemeal system. We need changes in county purchasing decisions. We need education for county employees and the public.

Dammeier must follow Tacoma’s lead. Put a well-funded Pierce County Division of Sustainability in the 2020 budget.

Lucinda Wingard, Gig Harbor