Letters to the Editor

Impeachment: Democratic tantrums come at taxpayer expense

Here we go again with another attempt to impeach our president. The Democrats spent $32 million in the first failed attempt to prove Russia collusion.

Now before the facts were even made public, they launched a full-fledged attempt to impeach based on a whistleblower statement from someone that no one even knows.

Even after the transcript of Donald Trump’s conversation with the Ukraine president was made public, the adolescent vitriol sped ahead with another attempt to impeach our president. What is it going to cost American taxpayers this time?

If the Democratic Party had to repay expenditures from their temper tantrums, I can assure you they would think long and hard before they opened that endless blowhole.

This is nothing more than an attempt by the Democrats to win the White House in 2020.

Richard Mercier, University Place