Letters to the Editor

Unity: Political ideology must not define us

Our national politics are nearing a breaking point. If we cannot begin to tolerate and respect different opinions, then our republic will fall.

The United States is a fragile partnership of 330 million people. We need to realize we all have much more in common than the media wants us to believe.

We are not Democrats, Republicans or Independents. We are Americans. We are brothers and sisters. We are compassionate. We are loving. We are hardworking.

We cannot let political ideology divide our nation. We face very powerful adversaries, China and Russia, that believe our country will eventually break apart into separate nation states.

Fellow citizens, I ask you to stop identifying with any political party. View your fellow citizens as Americans. We are all doing our best and need to respect each other.

Ask any marriage counselor what happens if either spouse doesn’t respect their partner. The marriage will not survive. America’s marriage is at a critical point.

Nick Wold, Auburn