Letters to the Editor

Holocaust: Lessons of history not yet learned

Re: “Nazi resistor, 96, to be guest of honor at PLU conference,” (TNT, 9/21).

The article stated that ‘the majority population under Hitler was about 40 million evangelical Protestants, and they made the Holocaust possible, alongside 20 million Roman Catholics.”

While it is often reported that 6 million Jews were murdered, it is seldom recognized that there were 5 million others who met the same fate. These included Slavs, Gypsies, various political prisoners and religious groups such as Jehovah’s Witnesses.

Unfortunately, although we frequently remind ourselves of the Holocaust so that “it never happens again”, we are still faced with such atrocities as the killing fields of Cambodia, ethnic cleansing (as in the former Yugoslavia) and the tribal massacres in Rwanda to name a few.

When will we actually pay attention to the lessons of history and put an end to such abominations?

Norm Eklund, Puyallup