Letters to the Editor

Homelessness: Tacoma mustn’t keep turning blind eye

Re: “City Council enacts tent ban in parks but delays enforcement,” (TNT, 10/3).

The Tacoma City Council 8-1 decision to delay the enforcement of tent removal from city parks for 60 days reflects our inability to solve a problem that will not go away.

The basic needs of people for food and shelter do not magically disappear because we get rid of their makeshift needs for protection from the elements and privacy. We continue to turn a blind eye to the poor among us, but it continues to haunt our very souls.

If we have the money to buy land and create wonderful parks for our enjoyment, then we also have the ability to creatively find space to house the least among us. But for the grace of our God go you and I.

Sheila Marston, Tacoma