Letters to the Editor

Climate change: Be careful with anti-emissions hype

Re: “Negative emissions not farfetched,” (TNT letter, 9/26).

The biggest problem working against people who are devoted to fighting climate change is their tendency towards exaggerated claims, faulty logic and a poor grasp of science.

In this recent letter, the writer advocates permanently removing CO2 from the atmosphere. But doing so would put an end to most or all plant life and the oxygen it produces.

This brings to mind another piece of nonsense you hear from the climate crowd: CO2 is pollution.

Too much of almost anything is detrimental. With too much CO2, the atmosphere heats up. With too much oxygen, all flammable material on Earth’s surface would burn. With too much water, most life on land would end. So if CO2 is pollution, so are oxygen and water.

Another issue is the patchwork of cities and states whose leaders are willing to completely disrupt their economies and spend untold billions towards the goal of zero emissions, which will have zero effect on climate change.

If the situation is as dire as many people claim, the only way climate change can be slowed, stopped and reversed before we experience Armageddon is through immediate, coordinated action by all industrial nations.

R. Daniel Van Eycke, Poulsbo