Letters to the Editor

Mike Pence: Don’t cast him as GOP savior just yet

Re: “Is the answer for Republicans a President Pence?” (TNT, 10/4).

In response to the Jay Ambrose op-ed column, which said that Mike Pence could be a good replacement if Donald Trump is removed from office for trying to bribe the Ukraine prime minister into doing his dirty work to smear Joe Biden and his son for political benefit:

A quote from the New York Times on the same day:

“The chairmen of three House committees requested documents from Vice President Mike Pence, seeking materials that could shed light on President Trump’s pressure campaign on Ukraine and any role that the vice president played in it.”

So Pence could be just as guilty as Trump and also be removed from office. So Plan B maybe out, too. Do you have a Plan C?

John R. Whitmore, Gig Harbor