Letters to the Editor

Arts: Let creativity keep transforming Tacoma

Tacoma Arts Month is a time to celebrate creativity and its essential role in the life of our community. It affirms the important part that art, theater, dance and poetry played in the renaissance of Tacoma. Creativity transforms.

I believed that as a teacher. One year I decided to share my love of Shakespeare with my 5th grade class. My expectations were modest. We would learn a bit about literature, theater and cooperation in the process.

But the play took on a life of its own. Props and sets become more elaborate, the acting more polished, ideas tumbled out of my students’ creative minds. They were living in a world of possibilities, a world where they could make good things happen.

I had lost control of my little play and its perceived outcomes. It was for them literally life altering. Creativity transformed.

We humans are meant to create. It is the essence of our being. It’s been said that a person deprived of the power of expression will express themselves in a drive for power. More than ever, we need more creativity.

Linda Parrish, Tacoma