Letters to the Editor

Electric vehicles: New fee discriminates against me

Re: “Hybrid car owners zapped with charge for car chargers,” (TNT, 10/8).

I own a Prius, a hybrid car. It generates electricity into a storage battery, as do non-hybrid cars. This electricity is used to start the engine, lights, heaters, air conditioning, etc.

The difference is that when the electric storage reaches a certain point in my Prius, the car becomes powered by the excess electricity. This improves gas mileage as well as reducing pollution. Gasoline is the only power source. There is no external electric source.

The new fee placed on Prius owners is only because the term “hybrid” is associated with it. It has nothing to do with e-fueling stations.

Placing fees on hybrids and exempting cars that are not is like placing a fee on all blue cars to build a sports arena and exempting all other cars.

This cannot be within the framework of our Constitution. Either cars that do not use e-stations for refueling must be exempted or all cars must be included.

James Urness, Spanaway