Letters to the Editor

Vaping: Why so fast to allow it, then outlaw it?

So Washington Gov. Jay Inslee has decided to ban the sale of flavored vaping products.

I think vaping is ignorant; however, the politicos could have put some thought into retail vape shops before giving them the OK in the first place. Vape shops were allowed just to feed our tax-hungry state government.

The reason cited to ban these products now is illness and deaths, maybe 2,000 nationwide. But deaths caused by tobacco annually is close to 500,000, and I can still buy Camels and Luckys almost anywhere.

Our governor is also all about banning fossil fuels, but now he wants additional taxes from electric car owners.

When will we figure out that this is all about control and reduction of democracy? Well, it didn’t work for the communists.

Ted Archambault, Tacoma