Letters to the Editor

Green New Deal: It’s past time for Kilmer to sign on

Re: “A good day for Washington coastal tribes,” (TNT editorial, 9/27).

Why won’t U.S. Rep. Derek Kilmer back the Green New Deal?

I was glad to hear Kilmer’s bill to help coastal tribes cope with severe climate threats passed committee. At the same time, I’ve been baffled and disappointed by his persistent refusal to back the GND, the only plan strong enough to help us avert climate catastrophe.

The science is clear and the “debate” is over — we have about 10 years to cut carbon emissions by half to avoid the disastrous tipping point of 1.5-degree warming. That means we have to rapidly divest from dirty fossil fuels and reorient our economy towards sustainability.

So far, the GND is the only proposal that does that. Scientists agree that anything short of the GND’s bold standards is too little, too late.

Kilmer no doubt believes in science. So why won’t he listen to scientists and join Washington state colleagues Pramila Jayapal and Adam Smith in supporting the GND?

The future of humanity and our planet is at stake. The time for half-measures is over; we need bold actions on climate — now.

Melissa Hollon, Tacoma