Letters to the Editor

Car tabs: Roads, like lunches, don’t come free

There ain’t no free lunch. Never has been, never will be. Initiative 976 wants to pare car tabs back to $30. That sounds great; I wouldn’t mind it. But then who pays for the roads and bridges?

Wouldn’t it be great if your new car only cost a few thousand dollars? But what would you get for that? Probably the equivalent of a ’62 Chevy, without air conditioning.

We get what we pay for, and somehow we must pay for what we get.

Got potholes? We voted extra funds to fix our roads. Need more access to the port? Gonna have to pay for it. How about the big one: Sound Transit? That’s not going to pay for itself, and while we aren’t seeing a lot of its benefits yet, eventually we will.

And don’t forget: Anything not built now will cost even more in the future.

Milford Mitchel, Tacoma