Letters to the Editor

Gun tax: Do women’s lives matter in Tacoma?

Re: “Taxing firearms and ammo sales is right thing,” (Matt Driscoll column, TNT, 10/20).

Tacoma has a crime problem, but instead of looking for common sense solutions, Councilman Ryan Mello is seeking to punish women who just want to protect themselves.

Firearms protect life by empowering women to protect themselves and their loved ones. Mello is proposing additional tax on women’s personal protection via firearms and ammunition.

This tax will only hurt the most vulnerable segment of society. Why are women being punished for the actions of criminals? Is it because we are easy targets?

As a survivor of a home invasion by two men, I am appalled that Mello has such little regard for women. He thinks that he is attacking the gun lobby but it is us he is attacking.

I know, since I am the one who notified the gun groups, because as a vulnerable woman who survived a crime, the gun groups are the ones who care about women’s rights to protect themselves. Ryan Mello obviously does not.

Jane Milhans, Tacoma