Letters to the Editor

Impeachment: Support stains congressman’s record

Does Congressman Derek Kilmer realize that if Democrats succeed in defeating President Trump in next year’s election (the impeachment charade will not succeed), the Democrat who “wins” will never be acknowledged as legitimate by half the country?

For the foreseeable future, no president from either party will command the loyalty respect, loyalty or obedience of half the country. The Democrats will have destroyed the presidency.

The House resolution on impeachment only nudges the proceedings from a star chamber to a Soviet-style show trial. This excerpt says it all: “The committee shall determine whether the suggested evidence is necessary or desirable.”

It is rapidly becoming apparent that the whole “Russian collusion” was the result of illegal activities at the highest level of the previous administration.

Kilmer’s vote for this resolution will make the difference in whether he is remembered as a principled statesman or as a member of a criminal conspiracy.

I am a Republican but used to vote a split ticket. I voted for Norm Dicks and Scoop Jackson among many other principled Democrats.

If Kilmer had voted against this charade, he would have earned my vote and open and sincere support.

Curtis B. Smith, Tacoma