Letters to the Editor

Election: Car-tab money is ours, not the state’s

The wailing, whining and deceptive ads from opponents of Initiative 976 have begun in earnest. What we as taxpayers need to remember is that the $4 billion cut in this initiative is our money, not theirs.

The contractors, unions and all levels of government and their agencies conveniently forget that the money comes from every taxpayer, including those who struggle to live, such as seniors on a fixed income.

Tim Eyman is not responsible for these taxes; your state Legislature has imposed all of them or allowed them to be imposed by others.

I believe all governments need a reality check once in a while. If it takes a $4 billion reminder, so be it.

The anti I-976 folks use words such as unfair, too costly, far-reaching negative impacts and threat to the well being of the state. These words certainly apply to us as citizens, not to I-976.

John Nygard, Tacoma