Letters to the Editor

Recycling: Don’t charge more for reduced, messy service

Re: “Tacoma City Council to consider new recycling surcharge,” (TNT, 10/18).

I’m shocked that our city’s environmental services department wants to not only raise our monthly rates, but take away some of our recycled items completely.

No more plastic bags. No more glass collections. And satellite drop-off boxes at sites yet to be determined?

Not only will we pay increased costs for the city to come by our residences, but the added expense and time to drive our recycled stuff somewhere else.

This decision is shortsighted and stupid. If you want to charge citizens more, how about improving the garbage and recycling bins, and also improve the trucks that pick up all this stuff.

After pick-up days, there is lots of litter that falls out and doesn’t make it into the trucks. I see the crows, pigeons and seagulls picking through it and scattering it all over – especially with our winds and rains, too.

Please rethink this decision.

Thomas Andersen, Tacoma