Letters to the Editor

Trump: America is worse in so many ways

Re: “Trump still not as bad as Dems,” (Jay Ambrose column, TNT, 10/18).

It was better to have the Iran nuclear deal than get rid of it. No, it wasn’t perfect, but President Trump has not gotten anything better, just closer to war.

So let’s look at some facts. Is our health care better now than when Trump took office? No. Have we made more friends around the world in the last three years? No. Is our national debt better now that when he took office? No. Was there a quid pro quo in Ukraine? Yes!

I could go on and on, but my point is this to Jay Ambrose and all the other “no matter what, I’m for Trump” people.

Please quit taking a leak on my neck and telling me it’s raining. We’re a little smarter than that.

Peter Kajca, Puyallup