Letters to the Editor

Republicans: Organizations fail when they ignore facts

Re: “Republicans warily stand by Trump,” (TNT, 10/25).

For years I worked for an organization that was in a downward spiral. I am reminded of it as I watch the failing president and his party on a daily basis as more crimes and misconduct come to light.

In my experience, many inside and outside the organization I worked for pointed out the failures, missteps and bad ideas. Many solutions were offered without any positive or productive action from the entrenched “leadership.”

In their pitiful defense of Trump, congressional Republicans have adopted the “kill the messenger” approach: Ignore the facts and attack those who bring the facts to light regarding the president’s corruption and lies.

It didn’t work for the organization for which I worked – it is now a shadow of its former self – and it will not work for the Trump administration or the Republican Party.

William F. Johnston, Tacoma