Letters to the Editor

Early start: My teenager’s body clock doesn’t lie

Let me tell you about my kid. No, really. He’s great. Studies hard, has a job, nice friends.

Great as he is, I dread seeing him in the morning. Not because his room’s a mess or because his hair looks ridiculous. He simply won’t get up.

Know a trick? I’ve tried it. Coffee in bed. Cold water on his head. (Just once, but I was so mad!) I’ve threatened to leave him behind, had his cousin call from Colorado. Nothing works.

I finally figured out why. Like most teenagers he simply can’t fall asleep before 11 pm. It’s not electronic over-stimulation; he could meditate for hours and still be up. When I try waking him at 6, he’s not ready.

More and more school districts have figured this out and are starting high school later. Students perform better, and parents are less frustrated.

I hope Tacoma makes the change.

Janet Thiessen, Tacoma