Letters to the Editor

Climate: California fire hyberbole is hard to stomach

Re: “Even as California burns, its climate efforts are blocked,” (TNT, 11/3).

Was that a news article on Sunday’s front page or a press release from the California Office of Tourism? The purple prose nearly made me gag.

California has a “unique role as a beacon of the nation’s climate change policies”? That’s hype, not reporting.

It’s also hype for California’s governor to claim that climate pollution standards are the “antidote” to wildfires. According to Wikipedia, raging wildfires have been part of California’s ecosystem for 5,000 years. They’re not going to stop just because liberal politicians impose a carbon tax.

How about using more old-fashioned methods for damage prevention. Require people to cut the brush around their homes. Irrigate. Remove trees growing near power lines. Practice better forest management.

It’s time for lazy politicians to do the hard work of implementing practical solutions, instead of blaming every problem on carbon emissions--and then flying their jet planes to another international conference.

Beth Woodbury Hart, Puyallup