Letters to the Editor

Taxes: Good luck running a society without them

Re: “Tell Olympia you’re taxed out, maxed out,” (TNT, Tim Eyman column, 11/3).

Taxes pay for civilization and are meant to pay for things/services that people need in common to have a functioning society for everyone. We pool resources to help each other for the common good.

Examples are an Attorney General’s office to represent the people in civil and criminal proceedings; a drivers licensing division to ensure drivers know the rules of the road before they get behind the wheel; state ferries that provide cross sound connections even when some routes may not be “profitable;” a National Guard and State Patrol to assist citizens when we need them; and an Aging and Disability Services section.

We pay local taxes for fire protection even though we may never need the assistance of the local fire department.

Civilization and taxes go together. I’m glad there is a healthy rainy day fund because at some point it will be needed.

Seems to me that someone wants to have government services without paying for them. Which ones does Tim Eyman want to abolish?

The state is a Toys R Us for adults. You want it, you pay for it.

Richard P. Casmier, Puyallup