Letters to the Editor

Impeachment: Trump should offer proof of innocence

It seems to me that if the evidence of innocence is there, it should be simple for President Trump to provide. The actual taped phone call could be provided to the House committee, and other information requested under subpoena could be delivered.

To treat Congress as not equal to the executive branch is not as our Constitution was written.

Innocence can be proven by proof. Trump’s failure to cooperate is creating more issues for him than it solves.

He is either really stupid or truly guilty. Either choice is not good for us as Americans.

I think many people are just weary of this endless reality show. This situation is an insult to all who believe our democracy is a treasure to nurture and protect, not abuse and insult.

Innocent or guilty, the president needs to remember he works for us. He is the employee of the American people.

Margot LeRoy, Gig Harbor