Letters to the Editor

Homelessness: Why not open gated communities?

Re: “City Council enacts tent ban in parks but delays enforcement,” (TNT, 10/3).

Some compassionate citizens have demanded the homeless should not be required to leave Tacoma parks until a home for their tents can be found.

These citizens should step forward and offer their gated communities.

They would need sanitation workers to scour the area for garbage. The workers must be trained to handle toxic materials such as dirty syringes.

The compassionate people could also open their bathrooms for lavatory needs and preclude lavatory use of the green areas.

Their communities would also need to be prepared for petty theft or worse. Their children probably wouldn’t want to play there anymore.

Homeowners in these communities would experience the angst of many distressed citizens that already have homeless tents in their neighborhoods.

They could use the opportunity to get acquainted with the homeless people’s needs and to help craft a solution.

Donald W. Wilbur, University Place