Letters to the Editor

ELECTION: Tacoma needs Ibsen's independence

Anders Ibsen scores a primary election victory and then comes an expensive flyer in the mail, paid for by the Tacoma-Pierce County Business Alliance PAC.

It says, “Just say NO! to Anders Ibsen” on the front and the back. It also says, “We deserve a council member who will work for our community but also knows that being a leader means working with others to protect our interests.”

That’s code for: “We do not want anyone who rocks the boat, challenging the status quo, with a vision of Tacoma as more than what it is today.”

We need council members who are not rubber stamps, who are willing to test the majority and the city manager to make Tacoma all it can be. People of the first district should keep Ibsen’s voice on the City Council. We need his intelligence, dedication and love of Tacoma to remain as our voice.

John L. Messina