Letters to the Editor

EDUCATION: Results reflect flawed test

Re: “Board sets lower bar for high school graduation” (TNT, 8-6).

When I was doing my master’s in teaching 18 years ago, I was given a piece of wisdom I’ve never found found fault with: If an entire class flunks a test, it’s not the students’ fault. It’s either the test, or the teaching.

After almost 20 years of “teach to the test,” we’re still getting poor state test scores statewide. So it’s not the students. Given that it’s statewide, I doubt it’s the teachers; it seems unlikely in the extreme that the entire state has a majority of unqualified teacher. Many, like me, have 15-plus years of experience.

So what’s the alternative? Easy: The test itself - or the very concept of “everyone should be able to pass the same test at the same point in their lives, based solely on when their birthday is” - is flawed.

If our lawmakers disagree, I respectfully suggest they take the SBAC themselves and publish their results online. I’ll even help them study.

Melissa DiSpaltro