Letters to the Editor

TRUMP: Rude? Offensive? That's why they love him

Trying to avoid Trump “news” is almost as difficult as Jenner/Kardashian junk. Every news website contains pictures of his ghastly mug, his purposely audacious and rude quotes, name-calling, race-baiting, etc.

He feeds on the attention like any 12-year-old bully on the school yard and some braniacs think it proves his “strength.” I have no doubt he appeals to the same MENSA members who voted for George W. Bush twice because they wanted to have a beer with him; who thought that “bring it on” was a patriotic rallying cry.

I am obviously not a Republican, but there are several thoughtful and nonbombastic candidates running, but the GOP base ignores them. I guess real issues and real problems do not measure up to the name-calling, blaming and anti-Planned Parenthood base.

Oh, don’t forget the Mexicans, the unemployed, poor, sick takers; they are the real problem in this country.

Susan R. Cornwall