Letters to the Editor

OVERTIME: Chamber lawsuits reflect hypocrisy

About a month ago, President Obama released new overtime rules that would have the effect of raising the pay of people in managerial positions by requiring overtime pay for people making about $50,000 per year or less. The old limit was somewhere around $23,000, which made it easy for employers to skip overtime pay when demanding more work of their managerial staff.

In response, the United States Chamber of Commerce, always the friend of workers (not), has gone ballistic. It promises to sue the federal government over this, and claims, in a letter to its constituents, that it sues the federal government more than 200 times per year. That is according to its leader, Tom Donohue.

Isn't the Republican Party, the one the chamber always supports, the party that claims frivolous lawsuits are one of the things that is bringing this country down? I see an irony here that can only be explained by wanting one's way very badly.

Robert Brown