Letters to the Editor

DEBATE: Finally some responsible journalism

I picked up the newspaper Friday morning from my doorstep thinking I was going to be deluged with Donald Trump’s remarks at the Republican debate. I was fully amused to find just about nothing in your paper, only an Internet link.

I must say your paper said it all, in a highly professional manner. You took the spotlight away from Trump. That was brilliant! From what I have read and seen elsewhere in the news he once again controlled the program/debate with his trick and pony show.

What’s the matter with those GOP moderators? They put him center stage. The first question they asked set him off into television bliss and elevated his stardom. At that moment he owned that debate, and he knew it.

They did not control him so the other hopefuls could be heard clear and simple. That debate pandered to his narcissism.

The News Tribune, however, gave him all the coverage he deserved. You did not take the bait. Good on you!

Now if other journalism professionals would treat him with the same level of respect, politics could return to serious consideration - as it should.

Liz Morado