Letters to the Editor

JBLM: Cost savings vs. being a good neighbor

Re: “Keep an open mind on JBLM’s artillery proposal” (editorial, 8-7).

Your editorial stating residents in the communities surrounding Joint Base Lewis-McChord should “keep an open mind” makes it clear that the writer doesn’t live nearby.

Although JBLM seems like a big place, it really is not that large - certainly not large enough to contain the tremendous booms resulting from firing large artillery pieces.

In addition to those of us who are affected by the artillery noise, when the biggest pieces are fired there is a shock wave with every blast that literally shakes houses. I am concerned that my home will be damaged over time with the earthquake-like shocks that impact it with each blast.

I am a Vietnam-era Army veteran who is pleased to have JBLM in our area. But I want it to be a good neighbor. I would like to enjoy my home without explosions and the serious shaking of my house.

Yes, there are costs associated with training artillery troops at the Yakima Firing Range, and those troops will be away from home for a few days. But that’s what the huge firing range is for, and many jobs take people away from home for a few days.

Let’s use the Yakima Firing Range for the big guns.

Douglas Allen