Letters to the Editor

TACOMA: What's wrong with city's planners?

I read with great disbelief that the City of Tacoma is once again attacking the North Slope Historic District and other areas of the city to “upzone” in order to allow for more dwelling units (TNT, 8-10).

The city has tried this before, and it was found that many of the districts that the city has set eyes on, the North Slope Historic District included, are already some of the more densely developed areas in Tacoma.

So what is the reason behind this zoning assault? Is it ignorance of what is actually available in the city for housing, a knee-jerk reaction to some federal or state program, or a simple social experiment?

The North Slope Historic District, the Wedge, Stadium District, Old Town, Proctor and others are not the City Planning Department’s personal social experiment Petri dishes. They are communities made up of people who have come together to restore and preserve a part of this city’s heritage for today and for generations to come.

To see the Planning Department completely disregard the citizens’ efforts in these endeavors is truly disturbing and, frankly, nothing less than a slap in the face.

Steve Kamieniecki