Letters to the Editor

WW II: Many alive today due to A-bomb

Seventy years ago Saturday, Japan capitulated and ended World War II. Thank you, Harry S. Truman.

I am troubled that so many have expressed second thoughts about America’s use of the atomic bomb against Japan.

The Japanese enemy at that time placed honor above individual life in a manner similar to the Islamic State. All of Japan was preparing for an honorable death until two atomic bombs encouraged Russia to declare war against Japan and simultaneously end a war that killed more than 65 million people.

We loathe and fear the atomic bomb. It goes against our view of war as a sanitary chess game in which only soldiers die. Wars are not and never have been that way. Approximately 75 percent of those killed in WWII were civilians.

In 1945, my father was fighting the Japanese in China. If the atomic bombs had not been dropped, I am not so sure that I would be here, nor would the millions of descendants of Japanese and Americans saved because the war ended when it did.

It is far more important to elect leaders scared of war because of its consequences than apologize for steps taken 70 years ago to end that war.

David Boyles