Letters to the Editor

CLIMATE: Down side to too many doughnuts, too much carbon dioxide

I recently attended a town hall forum in Gig Harbor. The speaker was state Sen. Jan Angel. When asked about carbon, she stated that the problem of global warming should be addressed globally. Expanding further about carbon dioxide levels, she said that “plants need carbon dioxide,” and since our food supply was dependent on them, she wouldn’t want to see “carbon dioxide levels reduced to zilch.”

This is a little like saying if one doughnut is good for you, six must be even better.

There is a relationship between carbon dioxide levels and plant growth, and just like the doughnut effect on humans, they grow bigger with more carbon dioxide around. The trouble is with more carbon dioxide around the planet gets warmer, and the consequences of this are a greater threat to plants and our food security.

But she shouldn’t take my word for it. She should check out the website of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. Its 2014 report is supported by thousands of scientists from the 195 countries who support it. There’s even a PDF titled “Summary for Policymakers” on the site. Perhaps we should all read it.

Alan Searle

Port Orchard