Letters to the Editor

IRAN: Where are our senators on nuke deal?

The nuclear agreement signed between the permanent members of the Security Council plus Germany is a wonderful accomplishment. The Obama administration and especially Secretary of State John Kerry should be celebrated for their parts in this accomplishment.

The very vocal and well-funded opposition to this agreement consists of the same people who led the George W. Bush administration to the disastrous war in Iraq. Many of these people are automatically apposed to any accomplishment of the Obama administration.

It is very disappointing that Sen. Charles Schumer would oppose this agreement, and it makes one wonder whether he should replace Sen. Harry Reid as minority leader in the Senate when this is such an important part of a Democratic president’s foreign policy.

It is almost as disappointing that Washington Sens. Patty Murray and Maria Cantwell have not yet found themselves able to support the president. They need to come out publicly supporting this agreement soon.

Philip Heft