Letters to the Editor

TACOMA: Mayor oversteps authority on pot shops

Re: “Tacoma City Council to close most medical marijuana shops” (TNT, 8-13).

According to the article, if reported correctly, Tacoma Mayor Marilyn Strickland wants to consider whether each shop has a unionized workforce.

What would possess a publicly paid official to even suggest the requirement to unionize a small business as a condition of operation or approval to operate? This is a gross overstepping of authority. It should be up to the business and employees if they want to unionize.

Did this endorsement come from union campaign contributions or pressure? To say the unions have a code of conduct is insulting to those businesses that treat their employees with respect and care and who want independence from union interference.

I voted for someone who would I thought would act independently and not be subject to the political pressure of the unions. Union shops should not have priority over nonunion shops in the decision-making process.

Please reconsider this “consideration.” It would be a great injustice to the small businesses and freedom of speech to make unions a requirement for being approved. It will also demonstrate if you are really representing our city or the unions.

Gwenda Felizardo