Letters to the Editor

OBAMA: President successful despite the odds

Rolling Stone recently named President Obama “One of the Most Successful Presidents in American History.” But imagine what could have happened if, like white pitchers throwing at Jackie Robinson’s head, a group of white lawmakers hadn’t since day one been trying to take our president out of the game.

Of course I’m talking about the Eric Cantor group that vowed on Jan. 20, 2009 to oppose every bill that President Obama supported regardless of the fallout solely to destroy his presidency.

History will clearly show these men to be backwards immoral frauds who risked a nation in an attempt to take down one man of color for having had the audacity, like Robinson and others, to break down another one of their sacred racial barriers.

Their back-slapping, self-congratulating conversations will blow away in the wind, but their shame, just like Obama’s and Robinson’s success will be written in stone for the ages. I’m grateful to Obama for enduring and succeeding in a rigged white man’s game for all of us who cheered, as well as for those who booed.

R.L. Johnson