Letters to the Editor

ELECTION: New policies and leadership needed

Re: “President has been successful despite the odds” (TNT, 8-16).

Liberal letter writers seem to have trouble getting their facts straight. The Rolling Stone magazine did not name President Obama “one of the most successful presidents in American history.” Paul Krugman did in his article in the magazine. Most people know that Krugman adores Obama and, apparently, the letter writer does too.

The writer then makes shameful accusations of racism against Republicans. During the Obama presidency, the Democrats have invariably turned to insults, lies and charges of racism when they couldn’t win the debate. They can’t win an election without firing up their base with false charges of racism, lies about Republicans disenfranchising voters and insults like “they’re going to put y’all in chains” (Joe Biden).

Sen. Harry Reid even broke the public trust by lying on the Senate floor about Mitt Romney’s tax returns.

Republicans have opposed almost all of Obama’s quasi-socialist agenda on policy not racism, and the polls show the American people believe the country is on the wrong track by an average of 62 to 65 percent. New policies and leadership are needed, and Hillary Clinton is not the answer.

Craig Chilton

Bonney Lake