Letters to the Editor

IRAN: Our senators need to oppose the deal

Re: “Where are our senators on nuke deal?” (letter, 8-15).

Congratulations to Sen. Charles Schumer for not playing politics and openly opposing the Iran nuclear deal. As a senior Democratic senator, Schumer evaluated the terrible deal agreed to by President Obama and stood up to oppose it.

That decision and opposition by Schumer should cause others to also reject the Iran nuclear deal. After the Obama lies and deceit regarding the Affordable Care Ac,t how can anyone believe Obama that the Iran deal is good for the country?

Other Democratic senators, like Washington’s Patty Murray and Maria Cantwell, need to stop playing politics as usual and supporting Obama just because they are Democrats. Our Democratic senators must do what is best for our country and join Schumer and other Democratic senators by coming out publicly to oppose the deal.

James H. Williams