Letters to the Editor

LINDQUIST: TNT trying to shape readers' opinions

Re: “Prosecutors, not TNT, doing the misleading” (Karen Peterson column, 8-16).

It has been my growing belief that The News Tribune had jumped the shark in its recent reporting on Pierce County Prosecutor Mark Lindquist. Reading Peterson’s column confirms it.

Reading it, my thought was that this is not journalism, but instead a personal attack. It would be reasonable to say that her piece was not fair and balanced reporting.

The TNT has been covering the Lindquist story ad nauseam, redundantly reporting the same facts over and over again highlighted with bold-print headlines. The TNT and Peterson are using their paper as a bully pulpit to shape their readers’ opinions and get them on their anti-Lindquist bandwagon.

I believe that the TNT has lost its journalistic integrity as it pursues this obvious vendetta against the prosecutor.

I have lost all trust in the TNT’s willingness to report on this story fairly and from an unbiased perspective. It is clear that you are trying to sell papers, and personal feelings are overriding the principles of fair, balanced and unbiased reporting. I believe Peterson is guilty of vindictive journalism.

Joseph Jones